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3 Tips from Sydney’s Property Valuer to Help You Invest in Property

If you want to leverage your property’s increased value to finance further investment, it is imperative to have your investment property valued and revalued. When your property’s value increases, your borrowing capacity also rises. However, at times, valuations can get lower than your expectations. In fact, if you don’t get the desired valuation, your future investment plans can actually come to a halt. 

Many things impact a property’s value, such as the age of the property, the land, architecture, design/ layout, style, bathrooms and bedrooms and the quality of fixtures and fittings. Indeed, not all things are under your control that influences your property’s valuation, here are the top three things that you can do to increase your chances of getting a respectable valuation.

1. Presentation is Crucial

It is crucial to present your investment property in the best light. If the property is a rented one, ask your tenant to clean the place thoroughly from corner to corner and top to bottom. In addition, get the lawns mowed and trim the edges to ensure a good first impression.

Well, if the property is looking exhausted, consider investing in carpet or fresh paint. To highlight its increased value, you need to provide information concerning the scope and cost of any renovations you have had done to the property.

2. Be Practical

It is very important that you keep a close watch on your investment property’s value so that when the time comes to get them revalued, you are practical and have a reasonable idea of what worth they actually are.

There is an incorrect belief among some people, “A property is set-once and forget-type of an investment”. On the contrary, you need to keep an eye on your investment property and find out what’s happening to it. This involves always remaining informed on their current value.

3. Recent Sales in your Neighborhood

The sale prices accomplished in your neighborhood are a firm signal and the base of the value of your property’s valuation, so ensure you have all the information available at the time of your property’s valuation. The most favourable time to get a current valuation is when you have, for instance, 2 or 3 recent sales that are identical to that of the property getting valued. Clearly, such sales have a direct impact on the arrived value.

Final Words

Well, first impressions do matter especially when it comes to having your property valued. Suppose your property is looking shabby with an overgrown yard, flaking paint and corroded gutters, this will immediately give the impression that the property is not maintained well and hence it may not be a quality property. Don’t overlook - it won’t be the first thing that Sydney Property Valuers looks at, but it also will be the last. When the valuer is about to leave and turns around to have that final glance of the property, what he/she observes will likely impact the valuation figure because of property’s general marketability. It’s vital to note that the valuation figure is Sydney property valuer’s well-informed judgment, which is backed by market realities; therefore, leaving a good first impression can make a huge difference.

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