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Key Considerations of a Sydney Property Valuer

When you are buying or selling your home or commercial property, using the services of Sydney property valuers can gain you negotiating leverage, prepare for bank loans and investments, and determine whether you are ready to buy or sell. These benefits are only a portion of what a qualified and experienced property valuer can do for you. A valuer will also consider your tax obligations and how to minimise them, and explain your options in legal disputes. He can also actively negotiate on a landowners behalf in relation to compulsory acquisition matters. Read the top reasons for getting a property valuer.

What We Do

Independent Property Valuations are Sydney property valuers with additional experience in property valuations across NSW. We are the only reliable way to accurately measure the worth of your property. By reviewing our extensive historic database and analysing the attributes of the property being valued, we can establish current market trends and values within a given location upon which we can produce an accurate valuation of your property.

We use expert valuers, who are all members of the Australian Property Institute or the Australian Valuers Institute and have had experience across a wide range of properties. Our services include residential, industrial and commercial property valuations. Our expertise allows us to assist you in your buying and selling needs, property taxation requirements, property litigation cases, family law, and compulsory acquisition needs. 

How Our Expertise Protects You

We don’t only have expert skills in valuing property for buying and selling; we understand the intricacies of applying it to your property taxation, litigation, family law, and compulsory acquisition of land by the government. By understanding these details we can apply them to your unique situation so you can ensure you comply with the relevant legislation.

This is important to your financial situation as it prevents you being liable for unexpected taxes and protects you during marital separation or property disputes. For example, to get the full taxation benefits on your property, your accountant will advise as to your liabilities in relation to capital gains tax and stamp duty. When you sell your property, you incur a Capital Gains Tax liability.

Whilst you may be aware of this tax, many property owners are unaware how it is applied when gifting a property, the complex exemptions and regulations during a divorce, or the rate that should be applied.

When selling or gifting property, you’re also obliged to pay a stamp duty tax, which is calculated directly from the market value of your property. By having experts in property who will work in conjunction with your accountant or solicitor, you can prepare for your financial requirements and gain an advantage in any legal disputes you are involved in. 

Who Are We?

Independent Property Valuations are a team of property valuers based in NSW and working across the state. Our expertise covers the whole spectrum of the property market and we have a combined experience of more than 100 years, we work in Sydney and throughout New South Wales and we have knowledge that extends to a wide array of property valuations including property taxation, compulsory acquisition, easements and for sale/purchase. Do you need an accurate property valuation in Sydney?

Call us on 02 9659 5446 and deal directly with a valuer. Alternatively, get a quote today. We provide a guaranteed valuation turnaround time.

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