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What is a Family Law Valuation?

Family Law valuations occurs in the event couples who are married or are in a de factor relationship are required by the courts (Family Law Court or Federal Circuit Court) to value their property assets (this may include the family home and other investment properties) to assist the court in determining a property settlement.

In the event couples are not in court, but are at the meditation stage, our firm can provide a short form Amicable – (out of court) property settlement report. This is used by parties to determine the value of their property assets in dispute and may assist in negotiations which may negate court proceedings.

In the event parties have commenced court proceedings, the courts will require a long form court compliant valuation report and the property valuer will be appointed as either a single joint or a single expert witness with a formal letter of instructions and the report be addressed to the court.

 In our next blog, I will explain further about how different property assets are valued.

The team at IPV is headed by our Managing Director Mark Ellis with each of our property valuers having extensive experience in all property matters. We provide unbiased professional advice and reports to suit your requirements.



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