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Family Law

When a relationship breaks down it is always a difficult time. Even the most amicable of separations are emotionally charged, and raise complex questions about the future, especially when property is involved. IPV can make this process easier for everyone by providing an accurate, unbiased assessment of the worth of any disputed property.

Experience and Objectivity

The team at IPV have extensive experience. We are accredited professionals, committed to ongoing training and development to maintain our expertise at the highest industry standards.

We also guarantee impartiality – property valuers are not lawyers or advocates with a vested interest in any particular outcome. We simply provide you with clear information to enable your family property settlement to go ahead smoothly.

Valuation for Divorce or Separation

A thorough reckoning of disputed property’s value is essential to reaching an equitable family property settlement. These valuations can be carried out for the separating parties individually, or jointly. Whichever route you choose, IPV provides valuation assistance at every stage of the process.

Family Law Mediation

In mediation, both parties seek to negotiate an agreeable property settlement together. IPV provides clear reports detailing a disputed properties’ value and the reasons for its value, making negotiations simpler and faster. This can ease both the financial and emotional strain of drawn out or combative negotiations.

Property Valuation for the Courts

If mediation fails or isn’t attempted, for whatever reason, your property settlement may need to be decided by the court. If this happens, IPV can provide more comprehensive reports tailored for use in the court-room. Litigation will always be stressful, but an in-depth valuation can make the process easier for you, your ex-partner, and your legal counsel.

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If you are going through a divorce or separation in the Sydney area our team can help you. Our staff have more than 100 years combined experience across all aspects of property valuation, including family law. If you need assistance with family law mediation or a property dispute in court contact us on 02 9659 5446 or contact us.

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